Vanquis Contact Number: 0330 099 3000

Contact Vanquis – phone Vanquis on this contact number 0330 099 3000 about all your financial matters.

This number has customer service advisors ready to accept enquiries about credit cards, billing and debt payments.

Activate your Vanquis credit card by calling this freephone helpline 0800 783 9003.

Phone 0330 099 3010 to enquire about commencing a Vanquis repayment option plan with a view to helping your credit score.

Customer service requests, or complaints about Vanquis financing, may be sent to their parent business, Provident Financial, by email to this address:

If you’d like to write feedback, or enquire about Vanquis’ methods via good old fashioned post, write to:

Vanquis Bank Limited,
No. 1 Godwin Street,
West Yorkshire,
BD1 2SU,
United Kingdom.

Since 2002, Vanquis have been helping millions of people in the UK improve their credit rating and secure a happier, better-financed future with fewer money worries.