London Contact Numbers

This website is designed to be a useful quick-reference directory of contact telephone numbers for organisations in London.

So far we’ve featured Transport for London as it’s one of the most popular organisations for residents of London and visitors to London to want to make contact with, and we aim to cover more contacts from London’s most popular companies and public bodies over the coming weeks and months so please watch this space – feel free to bookmark us in your web browser.

Fun fact: this website was actually named after Wanstead Police’s Muster Briefing and Deployment Centre (MBDC) which was built on the Wanstead Flats area of Wanstead (a small suburban town on the outskirts of London) in anticipation of the vast increase in policing required during London’s 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. While we are the new owners of this domain and are honoured to be named after Wanstead’s MBDC, that’s as far as we are related to it. We do not work for the police force. We do not represent Wanstead MBDC and we are no longer in contact with its organisers.

Highlights: Our Business Directory

Keeping the lights on and the gas burning is what most modern households require to function – our phone number for E.ON lets you speak to customer services who aim to help you do just that.

Making sure your debit and credit report are in great order is paramount to having your finances in order – fortunately, these contact numbers for Equifax have customer care agents prepared to assist you with it.

Receiving customer service for your bank account shouldn’t be a hassle, and our contact details for HSBC underline why – efficient customer service handling all banking enquiries without fuss.

Travel abroad is something so many people in the UK love to do, and Ryanair’s phone numbers have people who have a commitment to booking or amending your flight straightforwardly.

Whether it’s great sports, movies or entertainment channels – or the Internet – customer services on Sky’s contact numbers are efficient are giving people in Wanstead and elsewhere great service.

If you’re heading for a trip to downtown or suburban London, you can travel safely knowing the transport services have dedicated contact numbers run by TfL.

Whether you want to open or maintain a current bank account or credit card, the contact details of Vanquis Bank are what you need to receive prompt customer service, whatever your concern is.